Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good Queen Bess Burns the Cats

Look at this dream commission - I had to illustrate an article for this month's Paranormal Magazine about cats being, well paranormal. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I burnt an effigy of the Pope full of cats on her coronation? Those were the days! There are loads more cat facts in the magazine - which really is worth a look at. So open your third eye and seek it out.


  1. Its a little know fact that Pope JP2 was infact a bunch of cats in a suit.
    Maybe thats why he was awesome...and lived so long...a bunch of cats each with 9 lives, thats like 8765432 lives right there.

  2. The current pope, Benedict, is supposedly a cat person. He visits the colosseum cats each day and brings them food. He also has two cats that live with him in the apostolic palace and he lets them run lose in the Vatican. I hope they don't decide to turn the Sistine Chapel into a litter box.