Friday, 6 August 2010

Hoxton Mystery

This is a bit of a mystery. A friend of mine sent me this from his phone which he saw on a hoarding in trendy Hoxton Square. He couldn't find any other facts so why was it there and who put it up? I'm not even sure how big it is.
The original art work used here I did for the Big Antidote show. Have a look at their website as the comic strip is progressing nicely (as I type I realise this concept is identical to my last post) but I don't know how that ended up here. Nice as it is to see my work up it would have been nice to have been asked or told or even, dare I say it, paid. I know there is a lot of money in the building trade and this is my job not just a hobby. I want a slice of that sweet cash!
If anyone can shed light on this mystery, please let me know. The game is afoot!

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  1. Hey Phil - hope that you're well. Maybe the email address we have for you is old or changed (do drop me an email and i'll make sure I have your new one).

    We (Cure Studio) installed the work (along the top there was a continuos 'a Cure Studio Project - and there is a write up on each end explaining and crediting the project and each artist with web links to both Cure Studio and Big Antidote - not sure how your friend missed those!) as part of an ongoing art project that we had emailed all of the illustrators about.

    Sadly we did it for love so there isn't any money involved - but do drop me an email if there is anything else that we can do.

    We are about to send each artist invitations to the opening which features a video we have produced that will be screened on the wall of the white cube - would be lovely if you could make it -

    All the best
    Cure Studio