Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Arctic Love

Who says I can't create stunning CGI? Look at this beauty. I made it myself, although we are going back a few years here and I think my skills in the third dimension have atrophied a bit. That said I still believe it's a phase and we'll soon be back to glorious 2D. I tried to get a grant from the arts council in Birmingham to get these made as sculptures. They said no and gave the money that year to film someone kicking an empty curry tray through the streets of Sheffield. They really did.

But these pixelated penguins returned when I was working at Gameplay to become the stars of everyone's favourite penguin romance simulation game on the WAP phone: Arctic Love. I'm going to have to see if I can dig up the actual graphics for this game. 24 pixels high and just black and white. These pictures were from the interactive TV version which kept to the pixeled principles of my original vision. I remember the game to be quite fantastically whimsical.


  1. Its like trying to get blood out of a stone getting funding from the arts council!

    I've spent many fruitless hours manically filling
    in those blimin' endless forms...

  2. ...everytown needs more mini penguins though! :-)

  3. One day my penguin dreams will come to fruition!

  4. Oh yeah, I remember Arctic love ;)