Monday, 23 May 2011

Calamari Cavey

It's always a treat to hook up with one of my favourite cohorts, Holly from A Little Stranger. You must have heard about her amazing guinea pig plushies, Hey Cavey by now. Well it's been a year since Hey Cavey has been around and to celebrate she's putting on a show in Holborn at the Fleet River Bakery on Thursday. There are some super unique cavies at this show designed by me and other top notch artists such as Peskimo, Lunartik, Jam Factory and other movers & shakers which have all been realised by Holly and given the cuddly treatment at which she excels. Here's what I came up with for the show:

My offering is a Calamari Cavey terror of the deep. I love how she's done the tentacles - adorable. This abomination of nature could be yours so get over to Ebay and get bidding now. It's a one of a kind collectors edition that can only skyrocket in value. Get yourselves over to the show on Thursday and I'll see you there for cake. Deets below:

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