Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Newton the Newt from 1989

I'm at my parent's house at the moment and while I was rescuing a load of my old books and (I like to think) priceless comics that are getting damp and ruined in their garage I came across some illustrations that I did for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. I think I'd date this around 1989 while I was doing my Art Foundation.
This was part of a conservation pack and it was created without the aid of a computer, just photocopies and Letraset transfers. Imagine that! I used to draw the adventures of Newton the Newt in a cartoon strip in their newsletter but the Nature Areas Pack was quite a big project.
I think my biggest stylistic change has been the positioning of the characters eyes. These days I'm more biologically accurate and don't like them to be touching each other. Their eyes would never work with sockets like that and I'm a stickler for realism as you very well know.

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