Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rejected Korky

I came across this hidden gem on my hard drive. I think this is the funniest Korky I ever did but it was rejected on the grounds that Moshi Monsters, which the strip hilariously parodies are the Dandy's biggest rival. I think that the Moshi Monsters marketing behemoth is every magazine's rival. Not sure on the logic there and I noticed there was a Moshi Monsters joke in a later issue so maybe it was a polite 'Do better, Corbett!' which is fair enough.


  1. Phil you should do all korky stories on a full page not just a 3 panel strip.they are better suited that way.
    big bad bri

  2. I agree with bri the full page stories are much better.

    Will we being seeing Korky returning to The Dandy soon Phil as he has been absent in the last 2 issues.