Wednesday, 27 October 2010

D Day reveal: The new Korky the Cat

Today is D Day. Dandy day that is. I've been sitting on this for months but finally I can reveal my new Korky the Cat for today's Dandy relaunch.
Drawing Korky means a lot to me as I grew up on comics (although I must confess I was more of a Whizzer & Chips fan back in the day) and I had all the Dandy annuals from the 60s onwards from jumble sale hauls. Korky was always one of my favourites and who would ever have thought I would get to be working with him.
It's a real treat to be bringing back a character with such a history after his couple of years off - I believe he was away travelling - and hats of to the Dandy people for letting me change him so much. I think he's the oldest ever continuously printed comic character or something like that (citation needed) so it's down to you to keep him going. Get out and buy the Dandy today!


  1. Nice post, Phil! Sorry about the radio silence over the cover appearance - I was sworn to secrecy! Gave you a mention over on Down the Tubes and

    Thanks again, and, er, the pig... in the poke... wink! you sent over today was coool! More tomorrow.

  2. Hi Phil,
    I'm really enjoying the new look Dandy,and the new look Korky is great too!.
    But is it just my imagination or is Korky getting slightly larger on each progressive cover?!
    I noticed it on this weeks issue, and he even seems to be eyeing up the main cover space thoughtfully! Is the former front pager planning a cover coup?! :-)