Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pitch presentation

I think it's OK for me to post about this now. As long as I don't say specifically what it was for I'm not breaching my contract so I think I'll be alright.
Well here is a load of work I did for a pitch over a year ago. When I went in to give my presentation they were amazed by the amount of work I did for it. It was just me and not an agency by the way.
Well I say just me... I got some brilliant friends to help out. Have a close up look at the plush and the sculpt. They were made by Caitlin & Holly and they were ace. There was also some ace animations in both the third dimension by Seed Animation and the second by Big Man Designs. Lucky I know such ace people. And look: Here I am about to wax lyrical about my ideas....

What a professional! But I didn't get it. I made it through to the final selection but in the end the tender was given to an agency which created two committee designed horrors. I was thinking about this earlier as I saw the hideous plushes in the shops and had a pang of bitterness and disbelief at the state of them. How was that ever allowed? Oh well, onwards & upwards. One day I'll be a mover & a shaker.

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