Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Korky vs Tron

It's Wednesday so that means it's Dandy Day! Today's Korky the Cat story sees our feline chum enter the virtual realm of the computer world. It's a bit like Tron but more mundane. Although, now that I've seen the film I could argue against that. This was a fun story to do as I got to jazz up Korky's look with a neon/rubber sci-fi suit.
Also in this issue there's another Sheriff of Dottingham puzzle and Bear Thrills' adventures continue, not to mention all the great strips that other people do. And for only £1.50 it's a bargain price for the best comic around.


  1. really liked the fantasy aspect in the new Korky as a bike!

  2. I love that picture of Tron-esque Korky! MAKE IT A DESKTOP WALLPAPER! Or...or I'll be really sad! SAD, you hear!

  3. If you want I'll email you the original image - full size.