Thursday, 25 August 2011

Art Pass

What's this? Yes, it's a pass holder that would be great for holding your Oyster card or bus pass.
Once again the adorable Matt Jones ( AKA Lunartik) has included me in his latest series of Art Passes, well not part of the actual series as I've already been on that and I can't do it twice but I'm tagged on the side as an extra little bonus. I've gone for a lovely scene of pink dinosaurs battling it out.
You can buy this and the rest of the series at Forbidden Planet or come to me and I'll give you it for cheaper and may even throw in some extra treats too. It'll be the best £2.50 you've ever spent.
If you want to see what Lunartik looks like in real life then come down to London's Forbidden Planet this Saturday as he'll be showing his latest toy wares and hosting his very own tea party featuring customs of his ace vinyl toy by all your favourite artists such as Triclops, Little Stranger, Pete Fowler, crikey - virtually all the players... and me too.

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