Monday, 22 August 2011

The false widow: England's deadliest spider

I saw an interesting clip on the BBC website about the false widow spider. It's supposed to be the most venomous spider in England. It's not at all dangerous, it's up there with the bee. But what I liked about it is the fact that it has a skull emblem on its abdomen. Look at the clip and see for yourself.
I wish it looked more like this though.

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  1. just caught one walking around the kitchen, you can tell instinctively that it was dangerous and not to be played with, it was a female a good size 15mm plus. a beautiful dark brown colour with no fear showing like a regular domestic spider, i just scooped it into a dustpan and threw it into the undergrowth by the hedge , it looks like they are here to stay
    Sudbury Town, N.Wembley