Saturday, 14 July 2012

Professor Rex Julius

I met up with my old chums from my days at Pure Entertainment the other day. It was fun to talk about the genius that was the Playstation cult smash, Rat Attack and that made me look up the game.

This chap has but a complete walkthrough on Youtube if you have no idea what I'm talking about. and want to see how PlayStations looked at the turn of the millennium. I also discovered the original Sony website from back in 2001. Check out the animations from the early days of Flash.

I'm sure the time is right for a remake but we have no idea who owns the rights. It all got messy after the first dot com bubble burst. Anyway, it got me thinking so I thought I'd see how I'd design the characters now, twelve years down the line. I already had a go at Muffy DuPont a couple of weeks back. It's interesting to see how my aesthetics have changed over the years.

Here's Professor Rex Julius, leader of the Scratch Cats. Watch this space for more possible copyright infringing updates over the following days. I can always use the fan art defence can't I....?

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