Saturday, 21 July 2012

Rat Attack

We've come to the end of my little stroll down Rat Attack Memory Lane. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have and have been inspired to seek out a copy of your own on Ebay or in your local charity shop. Here's a few images I found Googling 'Rat Attack' to save you having to do it your self. The image above is the cover of the PlayStation game version instructions. The game was really nicely packaged. Not many games feature different box art for different console releases. They didn't bother with this in the USA and just went with a badly rendered CGI cover as market research told the publishers that American gamers wouldn't understand a 2D rendered cover on a 3D game. You can decide for yourself below. We had to change the logo for American eyes too. Thus began my lifelong love of the homogenised world of market research - the biggest stumbling block creativity has to overcome.

Here is some of my early Scratch Cat concept work.

Here are some enemy concepts. I found a lot of these images on the IGN game site. Good to see they're still going strong in the modern age.

This is one of my attempts at using 3D Studio Max. Don't laugh, this was in the proposal that sold the game. Load of these original elements made it through to the actual finished game.

Another one of my fantastic models. King Scarab was the boss at the end of the museum level.

King Scarab looked a lot better in the actual game when a real artist had a go at it.

And here's a screen of Rat Attack in action. This the pinball level from the funhouse.

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