Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mag-Nets at the Gadget Show

I was up at the NEC in the second city of Birmingham last week (very vaguely) assisting the Total Monkery gang showcase Mag-Nets at the Gadget Show Live. The game went down amazingly and it was great to see people playing it and really loving it. That's always a treat as normally I never see how my work is received - I just assume it's universally loved by everyone!

Here are some designs for the robot character you control. It's getting there. It's a fine balance getting it cartoony but appealing to the game playing demographic who shy away from too much cuteness - I think we're nailing it though.

We're wanting to make the character as customisable as possible - this is especially important for multi-player game play so you can keep track on your self when the game play gets too frantic.

These two hologram headed robot were an early idea but unfortunately the semi-transparencies and flickering holo-effects I wanted would slow everything down... or some such computery excuse.

You can follow the progress of the game on the Total Monkery blog. It's an amazing venture and you need to support your British indie developers.

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