Monday, 18 January 2010

St Valentine's Day underwear

Hello Young Lovers wherever you are. It's only a month from one of the most commercial holidays of the year when romance is enforced on those people who have become trapped together in each other's company and are forced to buy meaningless chocolates and thoughtless flower selections for each other or face the anger of their partner. So if you feel you must buy a present as the greeting card corporations insist then you could do a lot worse that get down to the AussieBum shop and get some of these fantastic undies. Buy them now - you don't have to wait for these corporations to tell you when you should. Be romantic all the time!
Nothing sums up Valentine's day more than two rabbits at it! You've got the choice of red or blue and boxers or briefs. I can't believe AussieBum let me do this design for them. What am I saying? I've met some of their staff and of course they would - I'm just surprised we didn't hit this level sooner!

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