Wednesday 16 June 2010

Tricloptic Hypno Cat Ball

I found this old optical illusion and I thought I could jazz it up a bit. Allow yourself you be mesmerised by the three eyed kitten orb beast's radiating powers. Look closely. That's right, just relax... you're feeling sleepy... very sleepy... that's good... now when you hear the word 'Krackakazooie' you'll feel an urge to send me money... that's right a couple of crisp twenties will do... you're feeling very relaxed... very, very relaxed and contented...

Monday 14 June 2010


I don't want you to think I've been resting on my laurels, as I haven't. I've been working away like a giddy goon but shackled with NDAs so I can't show you anything. However, here's something I worked up from my sketch book inspired by the badly organised Official Pokemon Championships I went to the other week in Birmingham. I don't know why that company continues to hate me so, while all I have to give them is love.... Anyway, fellow Pokemon fans will get this. It's Jumpluff and it's super effective!

Thursday 3 June 2010


It's a werewolf! Let's see if we'll see this chap somewhere else in the not to distant future.