Wednesday 5 June 2013

White Noise Madrid

Hey! I forgot to tell you. The other week I was catching up with friends in Madrid (an amazing place which seems to be Spain's best kept secret - I was expecting it to be the Spanish version of Birmingham - no offence, I love Brum, but you know what I mean). By happy coincidence the Pictoplasma people were running a show at La Casa Encendida in this lovely city while I was there and a tiny piece of my work managed to slip in. The show is called White Noise and here's the deets.

If you're in Madrid you need to see this show. Like everything Pictoplasma does it's ace and well worth a visit. Go to Madrid too - it's better than you think. The Spanish tourist association can have that tag line for free.

Seriously - Madrid is a fantastic place. Why don't they push it? It should be a major destination but no one knows anything about it.