Wednesday 24 February 2010


Here's some artwork for a poster I did for Haringey Council to promote cycling in the borough. You can see it up in Finsbury Park tube station. Finsbury Park also has that big fancy bike park which is a bit like Fort Knox. It's such a shame we have this attitude of having to have, scruffy, old looking bikes in the UK for fear of them being nicked if they're too nice. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't had a bike stolen at some point of their life. That's why that bike park has to have massive walls and be patrolled by security guards, unlike lovely Japan, where you don't even have to lock up your bike anywhere. Maybe Haringey should work on that as well as building more cycle paths... and that's how Phil sees it.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge

For a couple of lovely friend's wedding I went to in Sydney last year I gifted them with a print of Sydney Harbour Bridge. In the foreground is the possum I never saw. (I was, however, lucky enough to eat possum on a previous trip to The Colonies, in a delicious pie.) For some reason this print took over a year from concept to hanging in their house. I'm normally dead efficient at stuff of this nature and I blame this lengthy process on the printers.

Friday 12 February 2010

Happy (Chinese) New Year

This weekend there are two events happening. The Lunar New Year and Saint Valentine's Day. I've banged on about Valentine's day loads in the past so instead of drawing something all sweet and full of love I've decided to post a picture of a tiger, seeing as this is the Chinese Horoscope totem animal for 2010 (I'm an iron pig by the way).
But if you are all loved up there is still time to get a pair of my AussieBum Valentine underpants. They really are the perfect Valentine's gift for the one you love. Happy New Year!

Thursday 11 February 2010

Save the Whale Qee

I'm sorry, but this is a bit of self regarding nonsense: I realised that I hadn't put up a picture of the Qee I designed for Toy2R, years ago on this blog. Well, you never know who will read this and there's an amount of kudos to be garnered from this kind of thing so here it is.
I did do another one that was used for a Budweiser promotion but have never seen it in real life so I hope the campaign was a success.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Quasi modus

Monkey Love Records is now as good a place as any to get your hands on my Kitten Parasite book. There's not many left though so get them while you can. Here's a taste of what to expect within those fantastic pages...

As if the weight of the world were not enough
This poor kitty has it twice as tough
Made victim of such insidious harm
Of jokes about hunches and Notre Dame
And all the while her tormentor dines
Sucking on blood and fluids from the spine.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

The Rush for Plush

When I was working for Faceparty a few years back I designed some characters for their chat room. We were hoping to merchandise them and even got as far as making some plush prototypes, but sadly it was not to be thanks to the financially turbulent times we live in. Here, for your viewing pleasure they are though: The Freeak, Porkenstein and Teddies. The other plush character was Clubby the Seal Pup (the avenging spirit of clubbed seals everywhere) but I can't seem to find an illustration of him. It took a while to get them looking right in their cuddly forms, but I am very pleased with the result. Maybe one day they'll see the light of day again.

Monday 8 February 2010

Droplet 2

I'm just back from the Droplet launch in Bristol and it was loads of fun. Great to catch up and enjoy some pina coladas with Peskimo, Delme, Okkle, Holly, The Triclops chaps and all the other groovers. Well done of course to Gav himself for doing such a stirling job organising the shindig and doing the toy in the first place.
I had hoped to just show a little animation of the Droplet rotating, but for some reason it won't display it in a form giving the illusion of movement that I desire when I view the page. Maybe you can see it spinning around below. Otherwise, right click, save it and open it up at your leisure - you may be amazed!

Wednesday 3 February 2010


I'm afraid it's a slim week for blog posts. I've been dead busy with this and that, mainly that if I'm being honest. But look at what an exciting weekend I've got planned.
On Saturday I'll be going west to stay with my lovely pals Jodie & David for a weekend of Bristol fun, climaxing in Gavin Strange aka Jam Factory's new toy launch. As the above flyer suggests there'll be a collection of custom jobs on the Droplet, which is the toy that is being launched, series 2 mind. Yes, you've guessed it, one of them has been done by me. I'll post up a picture of my custom after the do as tradition dictates.
Looking forward to seeing all the gang on Saturday, so if you're in Brizzie this weekend, please pop over and have a look. And check out the home of Droplet at Andy Woo's Crazy Label site. Everyone know that Andy is lovely and he treated me to the most delicious shabu shabu I've ever had when I met up with him in Hong Kong last year.