Monday, 14 October 2013

Squire McIntyre's Travelling Mythical Petting Zoo

I'm so over illustrating. I've decided writing is the way forward. And to that end (I don't think you're supposed to start a sentence with 'and) I'd proudly like to present to you loyal blog readers my first book.

It's available for your E-Reader from Amazon and it only costs around £3. Don't worry there are a few pictures in it but the story should go down well with the 9-11 demographic as the all the publishers that rejected me, soullessly told me.

If you like ghosts, mythical beasts and a healthy mix of adventure and humour then this is the story for you. It's set in the merrie days of the Elizabethan era too, so give it a go if you're a fan of historical fiction too.

I am dead proud of this endeavour and I hope you'll like it too. Please download and read and let me know what you think.