Wednesday 8 June 2016

Art Test

Here is some work I've done for my last ever art test.
After an interview with a company that seemed like a great match for me they asked for me to do an art test. Normally I'd say no, especially after my previous art test debacle with that company in Denmark. But they seemed nice and I loved what they were doing - still do but don't agree with the art test. This wouldn't happen in any other industry. My work is clearly on display so they are aware of what I do. A much fairer way is to pay for a week's work. Then the applicant doesn't waste their time for nothing and the employer gets to see how they applicant works and fits in with the company.
I didn't even get any feedback, reply, thanks for spending time doing this just a vague explanation from a recruitment agency that I wasn't a fit at this time.
So I urge you fellow artists - put your foot down and say NO to art tests. Together we can stop this.
That said I'm really pleased with how this My Little Pony licensing work turned out.